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Healing Steps
The process of healing is a journey which must be both weathered and endured for an extended period of time.  However, there are some very practical things that a survivor can do to help ensure the process moves along as it should, without getting bogged down, or slowing to a crawl.
Toward that end, this section (which will expand over time) will provide you with the following personal therapy tools, which are the same kinds of things that Jon K. Uhler, MS, LPC recommends to his own clients in therapy.  If you invest the time necessary to really involve yourself in each of these tools, you will find that your progress through the journey of healing will measurably increase.
The following menu will take you to the resources selected for your healing and growth. 
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Here you will find help with understanding how best to connect with God in a deeper and more meaningful way.
As He is the Wonderful Counselor, invites you into close friendship with Him, offers His own confidential counsel to those who seek Him in sincerity, and ultimately is the One who can heal your heart, there is no more important place to start your journey to healing than learning how better to connect with Him.
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Here you will find a variety of podcasts to help you daily in your spiritual healing and growth.
These programs are hand-selected by Survivor Support's Founder, Jon K. Uhler, as he has benefitted from their input over the years.
He has said on numerous occasions that there is a strong correlation between what a person puts into their mind and the extent to which they properly heal, grow, and mature.  These programs have been invaluable in his life, and he recommends them to anyone serious about their journey into healing.
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Here you will find some written resources to help you daily in your spiritual healing and growth.  In order to heal properly, there is no substitute for getting alone and still, so that you can begin the process of reflection and spiritual renewal. 
Here you will find a hand-selected collection of music videos, specifically designed to help unlock "stuck" emotions, to open your heart, to help connect your mind and emotions, so that you can identify those places in your life that have become cut-off from the light, from your attention, and cut-off from the healing you need, and the healing God is wanting you to experience.
In the midst of the journey to healing, the Survivor will inevitably enter into a season of time called The Dark Night of the Soul.
That is the experience of being reduced to utter dependence upon a God you can't see to help part waters and sustain you through a
journey in a barren wasteland of emotional pain and inner drought conditions.  
It is during such an intense time time that the deepest spiritual inner work is accomplished.  But, it is during this time that we sometimes need help putting our pain into words, while attempting to remain on His path. The following prayer is designed to help with your pain and perspective during this very dark, dry, and difficult time.
In order for you to be both effective and productive with your pain during the healing process, an essential part of your journey will include journaling.  What is it, why is it so important, and what are the benefits? This section will provide you with some of the benefits and "How To's" of journaling.
An important part of the healing process for Survivors is being able to speak the truth, especially to the person responsible for the pain. But, how can that be done?  Sometimes the perpetrator and oppressor have died, and other times they are not anywhere near you.  Well, even if the person who caused your pain is still alive, and even if you could see them, it is recommended that you not visit them or discuss things with them, until you have been able to work through the pain and the impact by yourself first.
Daily Podcasts
Daily Devotionals
Therapeutic Music
A Survivor's Prayer
Unsent Letter
Quiet Time With God
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