The Push to Legalize Prostitution  Pt. 1
'What's Behind the Push?'
We're told that legalizing prostitution will:
(1) make women safer,
(2) will lead to the empowerment of women in "sex work",
3) will decrease the criminal element as it will be governed by the laws of "supply & demand, &
(4) will decrease the numbers of minors being trafficked.
But, what's the reality? And, who's really behind the push toward the legalization of prostitution? This multiple-part series will look into each of these claims, to discern the truth from the sales pitch.
A Reporter's Thoughts on the Trans Movement
Is the Trans Movement a legitimate movement intended to help vulnerable gender confused youth, or is it actually an agenda-driven Movement, being used by Predators to create gender-confused kids?
Brandon Showalter of The Christian Post gives his perspective.
The Dangers of College Sex Week
In this revised Predator Watch Podcast, author & speaker, Dr. Juli Slattery of Authentic Intimacy, shares her thoughts on the dangers of College Sex Week.
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