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Finding your voice...

           taking back your power

Ever wonder how many other victims your perpetrator may have abused?  Ever wish you could confidentially reveal his name to someone, to see if there are other victims of your same abuser?
Ever wonder if there could be a way for you to make your abuser face what he has done, and to see if he/she could ever be brought to justice?
Ready to Confidentially Disclose your abusers name, and get advice on taking legal action?
If you have taken action, here is where you can confidentially track the case against your abuser or perpetrator:
Me2csa is a website specifically designed to support survivors should they elect to begin the process of disclosing the name of their abuser(s).   And, they can serve as a resource for possibly starting legal action against the perpetrator?
What is the mission and heartbeat of me2csa? This brief film clip will help answer that for you...
Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 5.45.51 PM.png
(You do not need to pay to watch this video)
Your voice does matter.  Your willingness to find your voice can be just the thing that might help you find justice.
Listen to KARINAH GUZMAN, a survivor and activist, talk about the mission of me2csa.  After eleven years of keeping her childhood sexual abuse a secret, she battled with the psychological aftermath alone and in silence.  But after suspecting that her younger cousin was a victim of the same abuse, she found the strength, courage and faith to take her abuser to court.  Her disclosure quickly divided the family and she was subjected to a harrowing court process.  After the trial, her abuser was sentenced to twelve years in prison -- the same amount of time that she was held a prisoner of her silence.  The following year, Ms. Guzman produced a short film entitled, The Valley, depicting her psychological experience during the trial.  She is currently writing a young adult novel about child sexual abuse, hoping to help others who are in similar situations find their voices.
Karinah Guzman talks about how can help you take a powerful first step in finding your voice, regaining your power, and seeing if justice could actually prevail in your case.
Tutorial on how to fill out the Me2csa reporting form
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