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About Survivor Support

Survivors are those who have experienced extremely difficult and negatively impactful events that have left them traumatized in many different ways; however, for many of them, they often are unaware of the extent to which they were impacted, or sometimes even remember being impacted, as they have had to distance themselves from the emotional impact of what happened in order to go on, to live, to function.

Though many things can happen to create Survivors (which are addressed in the information within this site), our special emphasis is on those Survivors who suffered at the hands of very toxic and selfish individuals, some of whom perpetrated horrific acts against them of a sexual nature. It is those Survivors who so often find themselves suffering in silence the most, as few understand and even fewer understand how to help.

Driven by a desire to see Survivors set free, Survivor Support was developed in 2018 to help those deeply wounded toward healing, wherever they may be in that process. Healing can be difficult, but it is possible to make it through the stages and the process, into the healing that God has for the Survivor, for He understands what it is to be on the receiving end of horrific evil. Since that time, it has developed into a trusted resource for Survivors around the globe.
The Survivor will find trusted and reliable help here. Under the direction and guidance of an experienced therapist with years of clinical experience helping survivors, and with a deep understanding of the unique challenges survivors face during their journey to healing, Survivor Support is a trusted resource for those in need of help and for those desiring to learn how to better help survivors.
We invite you to take time to look through all the pages and tabs, as each have valuable information and resources. And, as the site will continue to expand, we encourage you to check back often. 

About the Founder

Jon K. Uhler, a father of 3 and married to his high school sweetheart, is a Licensed Professional Counselor,  whose education includes:  Epic Bible College (AA in Ministerial Arts), Biola University (BA in Christian Education), Talbot School of Theology (studies in Marriage and Family Ministries), and California State University, Fullerton (MS in Counseling). During his graduate work, he conducted unique research into the family dynamics of compulsive and/or emotional over-eaters.

Jon’s professional experience spans nearly 30 years, working in both clinical and administrative capacities, in outpatient settings with individuals, couples, and families, in hospital settings, in intensive day treatment settings, in residential treatment programs, and in secure (locked) facilities (11+ years on Psychology Staff within the Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections). Prior to his work with incarcerated men, he spent years working with sexual abuse Survivors, and treating SED (Severely  Emotionally Disturbed) adolescents in group homes, and within the largest intensive psychiatric RTF (Residential Treatment Facility) for troubled youth west of the MIssissippi.

One  of Jon K. Uhler's professional achievements was the program development and design of, Tamarak Adolescent Treatment & Family Services, a 12-bed, community-based clinically-intensive residential program for SED (Severely Emotionally Disturbed), for teen girls.  He has retained on his office shelf, the very first license issued to the program (that one is always termed a "Provisional" license, as a matter of policy for the state of Pennsylvania Dept. of Public Welfare regulations). 

Jon's unique background in program development and intensive clinical treatment enabled him to design the program from scratch, and develop a clinical treatment program with a milieu that was trauma-informed to be able to work with the most severe of sexually abused teens, who were suffering from complex trauma, which often resulted in a diagnosis of a dissociative disorder.

And, it is with this clinical background, working with the most troubled of teen (he had many years of prior clinical experience working with both male and female SED youth in California), that he can speak authoritatively about matters related to the dangerous man-made psychological ruse he calls the Trans Deception.

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Along with his clinical work, he also served as an adjunct faculty member for a Geneva college, teaching undergraduate courses related to Counseling, Human Services, & Abnormal Psychology.


Jon posts on a regular basis on Facebook, GETTR, & MeWe. And, in his spare time, answers questions submitted on Quara to Survivors, and those trying to learn how to better deal with Toxic People, such as Narcissists, Sociopathy & Psychopathy.  The following links will allow you to access his social media:   

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To learn more about Jon K. Uhler's background and his clinical experience, the following will provide a good overview:

Ken McClinton, CEO of, gives his thoughts about Jon K. Uhler, LPC's,
LIVE weekly program,
Journey to Healing,
Fridays, 8-9pm EST in the US.

Program archives can be found under the 'Podcast' tab.

Sample of Journey to Healing  

When he is not providing professional therapy or podcasting, Jon K. Uhler, LPC serves in an advocacy role, toward helping increase safety for vulnerable women and minors, who are being placed in harm's way by those pushing dangerous ideologies, public policies, and legislation. 

He recently helped provide professional weight by testifying before the Minnesota Commission on Criminal Sentencing Guidelines, as they were poised to decrease the penalties for criminals who commit another offense while out on Parole. This would include sex offenders for Failure to Register. Jon speaks to the issue, to help the Members of the Commission understand the implications of taking such a step.

Additionally, Jon K. Uhler, LPC, collaborated with the Child Protection League of Minnesota, on their documentary project, Shattered, which is intended to shed light on the dangers of taking a light-handed approach toward men who sexually offend woman and minors, which would also include those who would access, possess, and distribute/disseminate child pornography.
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Unique Professional Clinical Experience Working with Survivors

Of all clinical populations with which he has worked, Jon's heart and expertise lies with those who wrestle with the effects of trauma, especially the trauma resulting from Ritualistic Sexual Abuse. 


He is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

(Certified via IATP), has extensive clinical experience working with those who suffer from trauma-related disorders, Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder), and other effects of serious and long-term childhood ritualistic abuse. He not only served as Program Director for a Christian partial day treatment program, where he developed a specialized track for those wrestling with compulsive and disordered eating. Additionally, he spent over 10 years working intensively with "multiple placement failure" adjudicated adolescents and Seriously Emotionally Disturbed youth in a wide variety of residential settings.


He has conducted numerous trainings related to the effects of trauma on personality structure. Additionally, he has developed an extensive therapeutic training on the subject of grief and loss. 


Unique Professional Clinical Experience Working with Perpetrators & Predators


Jon is a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider 

(Certified via IATP), and gained his in-depth understanding of the minds and methods of sexual predators from over 11 years working "behind bars" in an intensive forensic clinical capacity. Not only did he develop the nation's first-of-its-kind intensive residential treatment program within a long-term solitary confinement environment, but he also spent thousands of hours working within a treatment capacity with the full continuum of sex offenders (including many designated as Sexually Violent Predators). 


It was during those years working within the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections that he dedicated himself to taking full advantage of his unique position to do a deep dive into the most sophisticated of criminal minds. He recognized that his position as a Psychology Staff member would afford him the opportunity to do unique in-depth "field study" and clinical analysis, the likes of which outside "experts" and academic researchers could only dream of, but would never be granted. 


For the best of outside academic researchers, who are normally granted a certain number of days or hours within a prison setting to interview inmates, under prescribed terms and conditions, the following could never be possible:

(1) unfettered access to any inmate within a prison (even within the Restricted Housing Unit, which is off-limits to outside researchers),

(2) unlimited time to spend with inmates, both in General Population and in Solitary Confinement,

(3) the ability to have an inmate sent to his office for a confidential 1:1 session (with unlimited subsequent sessions, simply by picking up the phone,

(4) the ability to spend as much clinical time with any offender, without the constraints of weekly office visits or insurance coverage,

(5) the ability to gain unlimited real-time corroborating information to discern the veracity of what was being said by the inmate

(6) the ability to observe and interact with the inmate impromptu, when he is not able to plan for his session (showing up at an inmate's door unannounced can be very revealing).


Consider the depth of knowledge that could be gained and truths that would reveal themselves by such an opportunity; where truly effective research methods and strategies could be devised and implemented to facilitate the acquisition of genuinely valid and reliable findings which could be corroborated and verified through 100% access to any inmate's confidential records and files, containing their comprehensive personal, medical, and criminal histories. That is something an outside researcher could only hope for, yet never experience.


In addition to such valuable information being obtained through complete access to inmates' histories and "static factors" (the most well-connected academic or outside researchers are granted limited access under very controlled conditions and according to strict guidelines), Jon's unique position would also enable him to have access to things NO academic or clinical researcher could ever fathom: real-time information about the personal interactions, their outside written communications, their recorded phone conversations, their interactions on their cell block and within their cells, their reading materials, their TV watching habits, and their "private" behaviors (as "there are no secrets in jail" because other inmates and staff are inevitably observing, listening, and taking notes).

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It was from this most unique research opportunity that Jon was able to conduct his one-of-a-kind clinical field study & qualitative longitudinal analysis, and produce his uniquely insightful findings, which form the basis of his trainings and teaching materials on the minds, motives, and methods of the most Sophisticated of Sexual Offenders and Child Predators. For a look at some of Jon's insights into what it takes to properly study the most sophisticated of sexual predators, you can visit his original training website here: 

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Jon's unique perspective comes from: 

(1) having spent 11+ yrs on Psych Staff within the PA Dept. of Corrections,

(2) being recruited to design and serve as lead clinical staff within the nation’s first intensive treatment program in long-term Solitary Confinement,

(3) having logged more clinical contact hours within Solitary Confinement than any Psych Staff in the US,

(4) having been selected to headed up one of PA’s High Intensity Sex Offender Treatment Unit (a 65-bed unit, reserved for those assessed to be High Intensity or SVP [Sexually Violent Predators]),

(5) having been invited to be one of just a handful of selected Psych Staff to be trained directly by Dr. Robert Hare, Ph.D., for clinical Certification in the PCL-R (toward the end of producing forensic evaluations for civil commitment, to retain dangerous individuals within prison);

(6) having interacted with and/or treated nearly 4000 sex offenders

(7) having conducted years worth of sex offender treatment to both high and low risk sex offenders,

(8) having assessed and evaluated 100s of sex offenders, both for treatment and for purposes of Parole determination,

(9) having read through approximately 4000 sex offender clinical files & criminal histories; and

(10) having done did a uniquely deep dive into the minds of the full range of sex offenders (both within Solitary Confinement and General Population),​

Jon received his forensic training & Certification in the PCL-R, the Static-99R, the PAI, Co-Occurring Outpatient Program Management, Management of Intensive Therapeutic Communities, and the treatment of Low & High Intensity Sex Offenders through the PA Dept. of Corrections; enabling him to provide Clinical Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment to all categories of Sexual Offenders, to oversee the delivery of treatment and programming for those wrestling with Co-occurring Disorders, to assess and evaluate the Risk Levels of sex offenders. At last count, Jon's in-depth clinical analysis within his forensic Parole Psychological Evaluations were responsible for prevention of the scheduled Parole of at least 19 heinous child Sexual Offenders back into the community.

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Jon K. Uhler, LPC, is honored to have received the following from Dr. Judith Reisman, Ph.D., the world's foremost researcher and authority on Alfred Kinsey's fraudulent research, and his crimes against children. Her book Kinsey: Crimes, & Consequences was pivotal in helping Jon understand the role Kinsey played in crafting fraudulent Agenda-driven research, pushing the sexual revolution upon the nation, decreasing criminal punishment for sexual offenses, and the role porn plays in sexual offending. So, he is honored to be able to contribute in a small way to her important work.

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