The Profile of Sexual Predators Pt. 1

There is much written about the profiles of predators, yet much of which is either based upon information gathered from the "Snatch & Grab" Sexual Predator, or from studies where Predators have been interviewed, for relatively brief periods of time while they are in confinement, or in the offices of researchers or therapists who are willing to take the words of the world's greatest class of deceivers as trustworthy and reliable. Other studies have looked at "static" factors, which only provide raw data from which the researcher attempts to draw conclusions.  And, still others have tried to take a scientific look at Predators, by analyzing brain scans and color imaging, to discern how the Predator came to the point of being able or inclined to offend.
Though each of these may shed some light, it is only when one studies Predators when they are most unguarded, that genuinely reliable and insightful truths reveal themselves, shedding light on who they are, and how their minds work.  For a look at what it takes to gain a reliable understanding about sexual offenders, click the link:   
The following are designed to provide greater understanding into the profiles of the most sophisticated predators, both the Predators, and "Predator Apologists" (AKA co-conspirators).    
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Pulling Back The Shades

As Sexual Predators are the most difficult of all categories of criminal to study (given their profoundly adept skills at lying, deception, impression management, reading people, and manipulation), it is rare that a researcher is able to reliably ascertain in depth and valid truths and insights into the darkened minds, their deviance, and inner drives, and the most important factors that contributed to them being an adult's or a child's worst nightmare.
But, every now and then, someone is afforded a unique opportunity to take the research to a deeper level...
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Dark-Hearted & Deceptive

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