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The Impact of Trauma

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Understanding Your Inner World
Internal Family Systems
Dr. Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.,
Harvard School of Medicine
Inner Parts Explained
Dr. Frank Anderson, MD
Harvard School of Medicine
For those who've experienced significant trauma, often times, it leaves one with parts of themselves that became segmented and separated. The experience can be difficult to understand without help from those who understand the idea of trauma-related "parts." Additionally, it can feel like you are the only one who experiences this internal phenomenon. The following site has been recommended by a Survivor, who has found the following group and organization to be a good sources of support and connection with others who also were likewise impacted by trauma. 
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The Plural
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Healing Wounded Inner
Dr. Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.,

Harvard School of Medicine
3 Ways Trauma Changes the Brain
Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD.
As I work with Survivors who have experienced sexual trauma, and now live with the experience of "parts", they are often confused as to understand the phenomenon of dissociation and "switching", and how to understand how their parts, their various mood states, and their emotional shifting. A brave client of mine has offered the following drawing to help things make sense. The parts will often have names as you get to know them, and will communicate with you and each other, if you allow them to, during your journaling process. 
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Consequences of Sexual Abuse
The Effect of Trauma on the Brain and How it Affects Behaviors,  John Rigg 
The Paradox of Trauma-Informed Care, 
Vicky Kelly
When Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds,  Dr. Robert K. Ross
The Polyvagal Theory: Looking at Trauma from a New Perspective, Stephen Porges, PhD
The Neuroscience of PTSD/ The Brain and PTSD
Do Different Traumas Cause Different Forms of PTSD?
Trauma Resolution and Addiction Treatment, Dr. Peter Levine
Dr. Peter Levine about stress and trauma recovery, resilience, Somatic Experiencing, and more.
What is Complex PTSD and How Can it Be Managed?      Dr. Frank Ochberg
What are Emotional Triggers and How Can We Manage Them?
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