The Profile of Sexual Predators Pt. 3

Are Predatory Deceivers

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Use Porn To Groom Kids

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Weren't Sexually Abused

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If one does an analysis of "expert opinions" and academic/scientific research on issues and factors which contribute to sexual predators' inclinations toward sexually offending others (especially children), it has become as accepted truth that offenders were themselves perpetrated upon as kids, and that now, as adults, they are driven out of underlying intrapsychic impulses to abuse children the same age they were when their own abuse occurred.
There is only one problem with that premise. It assumes that the self-reports of the world's most cold, calculating, willful, intelligent, deviant, and deceptive white collar psychopaths would actually have told the truth.  Or, would instead have been motivated to spin lies, in order to gain sympathies and lesser sentences, and be permitted to attend treatment instead of being sent to prison.
Having worked with thousands of sexual predators, having provided sex offender treatment to approximately 4000 incarcerated sex offenders over the course of 11+ yrs while on Psychology Staff within the PA State Department of Corrections, to inmates in General Population and housed within Long-term Solitary Confinement, both Low & High Intensity treatment, to the entire range of offenders...
It turns out that the "recognized truth" that pedophiles molested and raped children in unconscious ways of working out their own underlying childhood is simply a fraud, perpetrated upon the researchers by means of a coordinated effort on the part of child predators to influence the literature, which would then be used to make policy decisions, influence legislation, draft legal opinions and sentencing guidelines, influence public opinion, and lessen the time they would have to serve in prison.
The pedophiles were successful in creating the myth of "Hurt-people hurt people." Meaning, if you have been emotionally wounded, then you will be unconsciously inclined to do to others that which was done to you.
Well, that dynamic may be true with small issues, and in minor ways, as we all have issues with which we are wrestling, which sometimes cause us to react emotionally. However, we quickly recognize our hurtful behavior, apologize for it, and seek to make amends. That has absolutely nothing to do with the degree of callous disregard, deviance, planning, and porn-saturated darkness that drives a sexual predator to hunt and groom a vulnerable victim.
No, the reality for sex offenders is that "Hurt-people don't hurt people... Selfish people hurt people, and evil people exploit and perpetrate the targeted violation of another person's personal boundaries."
If inner pain doesn't motivate them, then what does? The following charts should help clarify that it is first and foremost porn that fuels inner deviance and darkness, which propels another person to sexually violate, exploit, and harm another person, let alone a child.  
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Utilize Flawed Research

Predators have become very adept at utilizing the findings from flawed or unreliable research about Sexual Predators as a means of providing scientific cover for their deviance, and for generating half-truths and myths, which can be used toward easing criminal penalties, changing legislation and public policy, and enabling Sophisticated Predators to move ever-closer toward their goal of eliminating Age of Consent laws. Additionally, such research enables Child Predators to appear as relatively harmless, unintentional, misguided, and suffering from disorders and trauma, none of which true.
As such, it is important to directly address and dismantle what has essentially become a disinformation campaign, designed to benefit the most sophisticated of Child Sexual Predators.
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So, just what does it take to properly research and study Sexual Predators properly, in order to produce both reliable and valid findings? Follow the link:

Actively Suppress The Truth

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