Emotional Pain
In the midst of the journey to healing, the intensity of the emotional pain can become excruciating and overwhelming.  For so many, they have come to believe that such pain is a sign of emotional weakness, is something they need to "get over," or is something they need to combat with positive self-talk. None of that is accurate.   
Emotional pain is something very real, and cannot be resolved by wishful, positive, or distracted thinking.  It is something that must be processed and worked through in order to understand the extent of the impact, the meaning and implications of the loss, and the degree to which any selfishness and injustice was involved.
Deep pain is difficult to put into words, is felt to one's core, and is often helped by allowing someone else to put into words what you are feeling.
For those wanting to know how best to help someone in deep pain, so often the best way to help is simply allow them the ability to express their pain in their own way, at their own pace.  Healing can take time, so allowing a Survivor to be in process for an extended period of time is an invaluable gift.  Remember, so often there aren't any simple answers or "quick fixes".  The Survivor just needs someone who will take the time to listen.
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