The Dangers of

a Lack of Discernment

Just as with adept cult leaders, Sophisticated Sexual Predators will target people's intuition, both the intended victim's and those in positions to protect them. Why? Because they know that the ability to cause victims, parents, and professionals to stop assessing what's really going on, and to dispense with the need to discern the truth, is all that is needed to get their foot in the door to start the grooming process.
Thus, one of the key indicators that Predators have already managed to access victims is the extent to which good people, parents, program directors, and professionals have given up the inclination to look beneath the surface, and have turned a blind eye to some of the most concerning Red Flag Indicators.

The Public Needs Discernment

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It should be mentioned that, to date, Dr. James Cantor, Ph.D., has refused to answer the above question. That speaks simply volumes, as he is one of the key figured in academic research who not only manufactured the term "Minor Attracted Persons", but also is leading the push to have Pedophilia deemed to be a Sexual Orientation, which would then afford Pedophiles civil rights protection against discrimination and "hate speech."
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Clinicians Need Discernment

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Researchers Need Discernment

Given that there are some agenda-driven academic researchers, using their positions and degrees to mask their intensions of putting forth flawed research, in order to craft false narratives re. "gender fluidity" and "Minor Attraction", it is imperative that those doing research, and those reading literature, be able to discern reliable research from biased and flawed. The following is provided to help you see how certain researchers count on people simply capitulating to them, given their status within certain academic circles. Yet, when confronted by those who actually do have an understanding of the issues involved with child predators, they will either simply opt not to respond, or will manufacture"findings" out of thin air, or regurgitate findings from flawed research studies.    
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Though many people will theorize why men sexually violate kids, it's only in prison where you can properly study them. Why? They are the world's greatest deceivers, and are rarely caught in an unguarded, unplanned, or unscripted moment.

Professionals Need Discernment

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Programs Need Discernment

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