Red Flag Indicators

Many people have heard of the term "Red Flag Indicators" when speaking of Child Predators. Many trainings will include a section of such indicators, for purposes of early warning & detection. Unfortunately, many of those trainings will highlight characteristics of what are called the "Snatch & Grab" child predator, the highly impulsive predator we need to be aware of when we are out and about with kids, lest a child go missing.
Those are always a parent's worst nightmare, and should always be guarded against. However, that kind of child predator actually represents the minority of predators. We hear more about them, as those cases prompt Amber Alerts, and create headline news. However, when compared to the vast majority of child offenders, the child snatcher is among the minority of perpetrators.
This section is devoted to helping good people and parents understand the Red Flag Indicators of:  (1) those currently pushing to have Pedophilia normalized and accepted, (2) the tactics of certain "academic researchers" who are most influential in pushing for the legalization of Pedophilia, the acceptance and normalization of pedophilia, and the granting of "protected status" of pedophiles by pushing to have Pedophilia be given the status of a Sexual Orientation, thus being given Civil Rights Protection against "hate speech and discrimination, and (3) the behaviors of the most sophisticated of Child Predators, the ones who are: (a) most likely to maneuver their way into positions of trust, influence, authority, and access, where kids are plentiful and most easily accessible, influenced, targeted, manipulated, groomed, and silenced, (b) most likely to troll the shallows of the internet at this very moment, involved in professional  or volunteer activities with kids, and are some of the least suspecting people you would encounter in person. However, as many of them spend time online, engaging kids and looking to silence truth about Predators being disseminated. 
As you read through the following, keep an eye out for those supposed "experts" who will try to make the case that Pedophiles or "Minor Attracted" men (AKA men who lust after kids), can't help themselves as they were born that way, thus are in need our support and understanding. The one thing they do not want revealed, which will bring the entire fraudulent house-of-cards down is that Pedophiles have worked hard at silencing their conscience, by progressing from one level of deviance to the next, by consuming countless hours of porn. Why must they silence that reality? Because they know that all public sympathy and tolerance will vanish is the public finds out that the pedophile is the way he is because of his own deviance.
Additionally, notice the extent of the investment the following men exhibit in their: (1) denying the obvious connection between progressive porn use and child offending, (2) minimizing the experience of clinicians who've spent years working intensively with incarcerated sexual predators, & (3) personal attacks upon the intelligence of those who would highlight the simple reality of the connection between porn and pedophilia.
In-depth Professional Insights provided by
Jon K. Uhler, LPC, on a likely-Sophisticated Predator... to help parents understand the mind, Motives, and Methods of how they hunt.   
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