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Sexual Psychopaths

Not all Psychopaths are sexual psychopaths. However, given the degree of darkness residing within someone who has descended into psychopathy, very often they are sexually psychopathic as well. That does not mean they will all be bloody sexual psychopaths, as that is usually attributed to a high degree of impulsivity and a low degree of sophistication, and leave relatively low numbers of victims (given that law enforcement close in quickly). The sophisticates Sexual Predator is smart enough in his hunting to not shed blood, only steal trust and innocence, leaving the victim's soul ripped apart and bleeding.
Those Sexual Predators who have descended into the darkened realm of porn, the chances of morphing into a bloody psychopath is very real. Those who do share all the same traits as their white-collar counterparts; however, they became energized by that unique degree of spiritual darkness, and it simply propelled them and enveloped them, generating an insatiable appetite for perpetrating and traumatizing sexually. 
The following will give you a sense of the dynamics and inner darkness residing within the full range of sexual predators, from the calculating to the impulsive sexual, both those who have adult victims to those who are child predators.