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Since its inception, Survivor Support, Inc., has never solicited donations, as we did not want that to be the focus of our work.  Since 2017, Jon K. Uhler has invested significant time in developing this site to serve as a trusted source of help and information.  It has truly been a labor of love.
However, as a result of some tremendous opportunities, we want to reach out to those who have benefitted from this site, and those who believe in the work of Survivor Support, to ask that you partner with us, to enable us to significantly expand our effectiveness and impact.
With your help, we will be able to continue, as well as expand, our important and strategic work on behalf of Survivors and vulnerable youth in the following ways:
  • Provide much needed assistance to grass roots groups and the nationally-recognized organization, MassResistance, in their efforts to ensure the safety of kids from men acting as Drag Queens wanting access to kids in public libraries. 
  • Provide the resources for to begin a podcast.
  • Provide training resources for those who work closely with Survivors. 
  • Host web-based trainings for those, within the US and internationally, who are involved in protecting women and children from the deceptions of the Trans movement and other predators.
  • Make available intensive seminars (1-day, 3-day, & 5-day intensive) to help people work through issues related to grief & loss. 
  • Make trainings available, for churches and other faith-based organizations, to better protect kids from the most sophisticated types of Predators, while helping to create an environment where Survivors can start their journey to healing.
Long-range Goals
We invite you to consider partnering with us in our long-term strategic vision of increasing our ability to support Survivors in their healing. Should the funds become available, we have plans to:   
  • Develop clinical training opportunities for both professionals and lay persons interested in developing their skills in working with Survivors of significant sexual abuse.
  • Develop web-based treatment help for those dealing with the impact of sexual abuse.
  • Develop a reliable forensic assessment for use with Child Sexual Predators, which will meaningfully identify degrees of propensity toward sexual deviance, instead of those being used which are often time providing dangerous offenders with dangerously lower risk scores, enabling them to be eligible for Parole sooner than should otherwise be the case.
  • Develop the College Protect© , an intensive student protection training for incoming college and university students, designed to enable schools to help educate students about the dangers  and characteristics of the predators most likely to target young adults in school.
  •  Develop an interactive, web-based, Predator Assessment program, designed to help women gain a potential clinical predator profile of any man she might be dating. 
  • Develop the SurvivorSupport Certification Program© for churches and other communities-of-faith, designed to intensively train such organizations in understanding the dynamics and effects of sexual trauma, and how to create a supportive and healing culture for Survivors, and to help Survivors readily identify them through a nationwide network of screened a Certified churches.
Thank you for standing with us, as we continue to help Survivors.
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