The Predator's Game Plan  Pt. 2

The Deception is Gaining Traction

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Predators Understand the Mind

Predators are two things above all else:
(1) They are driven by a dark deviance which lusts after the thrill of the hunt and playing "The Game" almost as much as they do defrauding & defiling purity, trust & innocence. 
(2) They are the ultimate Snake oil salesmen, who have taken the best of Sales & Marketing skills, and combined them with a unique understanding f human psychology, enabling them to understand and strategically use the most basic of human needs and drives in their target marketing, their membership drive, their recruitment & retention, their customer loyalty program, and their customer-for-life program.
The leader(s) have all the characteristics of the best sales people (many of them actually were in some aspect of sales prior to their winning strategy finally developed), and use those skills to effectively manipulate those who are willing to buy what they are selling, to "climb on board" the train to "somewhere over the rainbow", and believe the con job being sold to them. What makes them so diabolical is that they will inevitably target those with money, with a "felt need", or those who are emotionally vulnerable. Inevitably, what the "members", "followers", or adherents don't realize is that they are being manipulated and used by a slick sounding message, and are simply a means to an end for the few leading the organization or movement. 
Every cult or cultic movement will have leaders who will methodically move those they select or recruit through predictable stages of the brain washing process, which leads ultimately to the following:
1. A follower who is unable to think deeply or critically (analytically).
2. A member who follows blindly.
3. An adherent who is loyal to the leader, the movement , or "the cause" even to their own detriment.
4. A believer who will not question the intentions or motives of the leader or leadership.
5. A mind-numbered follower, who will give their complete allegiance to the leader, the cause, the mission, the Movement, with little to show for such devoted loyalty in return.
6. A member who will give up their intuition (reality-testing), and their own personal boundaries. They don't realize when the went from wanting to belong, to needing to be apart, to fearing not being loyal and accepted.
7. An adherent who is willing to divulge secrets, and allow things to be done to them (often times sexually), without recognizing that this is a powerful psychological ploy, creating a sense of being owned and subservience, which will later be used as "leverage" (emotional blackmail) should the "magic" wear off, and the adherent contemplate leaving. 
8. A believer is inevitably put through some type of 
procedure" (usually a scaring, branding, tattooing, which creates a sense of permanence.
9. A follower will often be manipulated & used sexually. This sexual exploitation and/or abuse is inevitably reframed in the mind of the follower as something special or a way of demonstrating ultimate loyalty. In the event of  an "unplanned accident" with the women or underaged girls, they are either taken care of "in-house" by either loyal/confidential medical personnel, or taken to a specifically selected "don't ask/don't tell" clinic.
10. Adherents are often supplied with undisclosed medicine, to "help" with any anxiety, depressed, doubts, or even questions regarding their sexuality.
Ultimately, the Predators is all about strategy and tactics, about planning his moves out in advance, about the thrill of The Game, about using as many people as possible to his benefit and satisfaction. The wolf is always on the hunt, looking for fresh meat. He employs deception, manipulates his way into the sheepfold, and has his way with the trusting sheep. The Predator is a master at the selection, grooming, and exploitation of the young and vulnerable is accomplished with strategic precision, "loyalty" is encouraged, and, if necessary, secured through a number of effective means, using the best in psychological tactics and methods.   
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Predators are Master Manipulators

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Predators Use Flawed Research

It is a concerning reality that there are those within the field of Psychology and in other academic or professional disciplines who are evidently driven to generate flawed and/or report the findings of flawed research as authoritative. As such, they become we we call "Predator Apologists". 
It would be bad enough that they use their positions of influence to impact the ideas of others, allowing false narratives and myth to become understood to be fact. But, equally concerning is that Predators can use these "findings" to help them craft legal defenses, or to sway the opinions of future researchers, as they can act in ways that confirm these false narratives, which then serve to confirm those false myths. 
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Wonder how deviance can end up becoming normalized, and eventually make its way into academic literature, then eventually be sanctioned and endorsed by the APA, influence the DSM, graduate schools, state licensure requirements, public policy, and laws? Here's a classic example of a group of agenda-driven researchers who will produce research finding, submit those to each other as "peer reviewed research", who will then give thumbs up, and the rubber stamp process then gives the appearance of academic weight and sound psychological research, to produce myths that become "understood" truths, which are then used to shift the narrative in the direction of normalizing deviance. Welcome to the dance of deception by Predator Apologists. And, just who benefits? Follow the money, and follow the Predators.
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