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The Lasting Impact of Abuse
The effects of abuse and trauma are both profound and long-lasting, as they impact the very core of who a person is, and wreak havoc in so may ways and on so many levels.  As such, the healing and recovery process can be arduous and protracted.
Though many people think that what happened in a person's past should not impact the future, they unfortunately lack a proper understanding of the nature of trauma, the effects of abuse, and just how complex the issue of healing is, because of how many issues are involved in the healing process.
Toward helping with a better understanding of the effects of abuse, the impact of trauma, and what is involved in the healing process, the following issues are highlighted, and will be developed as the Survivor Support website is expanded and developed.  So, we not only invite you to review the information presented, but to return on a regular basis, as new information will be added on an on-going basis.
Does abuse really impact a person's life, even if it happened in the past? Well, watch these true stories, then you decide:
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