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About The Survivor's Prayer

To all Survivors, and others going through very painful circumstances, who are simply trying to hold on to the hope of relief which seems to be so slow in coming.  When it feels like nothing is happening, and all around you is the silence of the desert and the burning heat of a God-forsaken wilderness, and when it really would be so much easier to lie down and end the arduous journey, pray for His power to help you maintain consistency, as you elect to take another step.  And, you will find that strength comes from digging into His Word for His promises to you.

Despite what it may look like from your perspective, despite how it feels during this very difficult season, and despite all that it appears to be... an endless trek in painful silence... and, despite it feeling as though the silence and endless pain is all that lies in store for you, remember, it is the greatest demonstration of trust to choose to take one more step, to wait, trust, and watch one more day. (Psa. 63:1)

It is important to keep in mind that the ability to "wait actively," the willingness to “act as if” the Lord is still active and working things out toward an end that He sees… to choose to have a trusting heart that enables you to remain emotionally stable and consistent while trouble and pressure, anguish and stress, are bearing down on you and have taken hold of you (Psalm 119: 143).  


It is this kind of waiting, where you choose to continue putting one foot in front of the other, that is the best indicator of your spiritual growth, and reveals the level of your spiritual maturity and trust (Psa.112:4).  It is this kind of tested faith that gives the Lord the greatest amount room to move mountains and part waters, even when it feels like you are heading nowhere... when it seems like He is not listening, or has simply led you into a wasteland. (Psa. 50:14-23; 37:23-24; 57:1-3)

So, for those who find themselves in the midst of the Dark Night, who are fighting to remain consistent, yet are weary, the following is offered as a prayer for you to read through and interact with, which is best done by journaling.  By having a pen and a journal next to you, you can begin to write down your own reactions and questions you have, and take those to the One who longs to help you through this time, through this difficult journey into healing.  Additionally, having a Bible handy to look up some of the verses referenced will help you get even more out of the prayer.

This prayer is designed to help you tap into some very deep feelings, while also helping you to understand how to best make it through this severe time of testing, stretching, molding, and deep spiritual and emotional surgery.  This dark time does not have to be a time that you, in your own way, are just "doing time," which is the greatest temptation during this journey, viewing this time as a dead end, a prison sentence, and a time that must be weathered by your own self-control and determination.  No, this can be the most intense time of spiritual understanding and growth, leading to profound and deep healing and character change, if done "the right way," which is learning how to "wait actively."  It is that understanding which will usher the seeker into a degree of inner healing & growth that only God can produce and provide.

If you are ready, simply click the picture to begin...

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