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Music for Healing the Heart and Soul
To ensure you achieve the maximum benefit from each of the following hand-selected music videos, we recommend that you listen to them in order, without skipping any.  As these are selected and ordered to take you from where you are right now, and help move you through the process of healing, you will receive the greatest benefit by listening to them in succession.  We also recommend that you listen to each song 3-4 times in a row. Yes, that seems like a lot, however, there is good reason:  This will allow for the music to act like water to parched ground, where it must work its way through a tiny opening, and find its way to the dry earth, down to the seed that has been tucked away by itself, thirsting for life-giving sustenance.  The repetition is important as it will enable all of you to become still on the inside, and to hear more and more of the message, so that the water of life you have been thirsting for can begin to soften the protective hardened shell around your heart, and you can begin to feel again. Though you will no doubt begin to feel the pain, you will also begin to dislodge the logjam that has backed up your emotions, preventing you from feeling, from connecting, and from healing. 
Where do you start to try to make it through... when you just received the news... when you just received the phone call... when you just found out that life will likely never be the same... that a Tsunami of unanticipated events has just crashed through your world, leaving you numb, bewildered?
It is in just such a moment that you need, Someone, who you can throw your weight upon in complete dependence, who has promised to be your ultimate foundation when the storm hits. When all has been ripped apart, it is then that we must force ourselves to go against all urges to go into crisis mode, into a panic-attack like state. It is then that we must risk believing that He is ultimately in control of all events, and that He cares enough to be in the midst of the darkness, for us to lean upon in complete dependence, while He shows us how He will work in this situation... showing Himself to be the Eternal God... on my behalf.
When, in the midst of the Dark Night of the Soul, when death would be a relief, the greatest act of faith is to simply chose to live another day... to take another step... to take another breath.  It is in that living death that He will speak silently.
For those who have survived much, it becomes almost second-nature to care for others even at great emotional expense. True survivors often suffer in silence, as they just keep it buried deep inside, where no one eld sees. They don't know that deep inside the seemingly strong exterior, is someone aching for rest, aching to be heard, aching to have someone they can lean upon and be there for them. They don't know that deep inside their armor, the warrior is a child, needing to be hugged, needing to know that their sacrifice is worth it, and to be told it will be OK, and, "Well done."
In the midst of the journey into the Dark Night of the Soul, it is completely normal to begin to have serious doubts and questions, even to the point of wondering if you would be better off just chucking your faith entirely.  The good news is that He understands, and invites you to be honest and to risk believing that He is still there, somewhere in the darkness.  You must continue to risk believing that He knows, He hears, He sees, and He feels your pain.
When experiencing the loss of someone close to us, out world gets turned upside down.  Why didn't God heal the person, or intervene?  I secretly feel that He is unkind, yet He knows my thoughts.  How do I wrestle with the wide range of emotions, and still find comfort?  It is in His promise that someday this will not be as it is today.
It is in the midst of the searing pain, when we are raw and bleeding, that, if we wait while being completely honest, He can meet us in a deep way, to help us slowly experience that our pain has not fallen on deaf ears, but has been collected by nail-scarred hands, by One who asks us to trust Him.
When it is darkest, and you can't see any light, hope, or any end, call out His name.  For He is there, waiting to help.
In the midst of our pain, we keep a stiff upper lip, smile and say things are fine, when we are actually dying on the inside from a wounded he