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Music for Healing the Heart and Soul
To ensure you achieve the maximum benefit from each of the following hand-selected music videos, we recommend that you listen to them in order, without skipping any.  As these are selected and ordered to take you from where you are right now, and help move you through the process of healing, you will receive the greatest benefit by listening to them in succession.  We also recommend that you listen to each song 3-4 times in a row. Yes, that seems like a lot, however, there is good reason:  This will allow for the music to act like water to parched ground, where it must work its way through a tiny opening, and find its way to the dry earth, down to the seed that has been tucked away by itself, thirsting for life-giving sustenance.  The repetition is important as it will enable all of you to become still on the inside, and to hear more and more of the message, so that the water of life you have been thirsting for can begin to soften the protective hardened shell around your heart, and you can begin to feel again. Though you will no doubt begin to feel the pain, you will also begin to dislodge the logjam that has backed up your emotions, preventing you from feeling, from connecting, and from healing. 
Where do you start to try to make it through... when you just received the news... when you just received the phone call... when you just found out that life will likely never be the same... that a Tsunami of unanticipated events has just crashed through your world, leaving you numb, bewildered?
It is in just such a moment that you need, Someone, who you can throw your weight upon in complete dependence, who has promised to be your ultimate foundation when the storm hits. When all has been ripped apart, it is then that we must force ourselves to go against all urges to go into crisis mode, into a panic-attack like state. It is then that we must risk believing that He is ultimately in control of all events, and that He cares enough to be in the midst of the darkness, for us to lean upon in complete dependence, while He shows us how He will work in this situation... showing Himself to be the Eternal God... on my behalf.
When, in the midst of the Dark Night of the Soul, when death would be a relief, the greatest act of faith is to simply chose to live another day... to take another step... to take another breath.  It is in that living death that He will speak silently.
For those who have survived much, it becomes almost second-nature to care for others even at great emotional expense. True survivors often suffer in silence, as they just keep it buried deep inside, where no one eld sees. They don't know that deep inside the seemingly strong exterior, is someone aching for rest, aching to be heard, aching to have someone they can lean upon and be there for them. They don't know that deep inside their armor, the warrior is a child, needing to be hugged, needing to know that their sacrifice is worth it, and to be told it will be OK, and, "Well done."
In the midst of the journey into the Dark Night of the Soul, it is completely normal to begin to have serious doubts and questions, even to the point of wondering if you would be better off just chucking your faith entirely.  The good news is that He understands, and invites you to be honest and to risk believing that He is still there, somewhere in the darkness.  You must continue to risk believing that He knows, He hears, He sees, and He feels your pain.
When experiencing the loss of someone close to us, out world gets turned upside down.  Why didn't God heal the person, or intervene?  I secretly feel that He is unkind, yet He knows my thoughts.  How do I wrestle with the wide range of emotions, and still find comfort?  It is in His promise that someday this will not be as it is today.
It is in the midst of the searing pain, when we are raw and bleeding, that, if we wait while being completely honest, He can meet us in a deep way, to help us slowly experience that our pain has not fallen on deaf ears, but has been collected by nail-scarred hands, by One who asks us to trust Him.
When it is darkest, and you can't see any light, hope, or any end, call out His name.  For He is there, waiting to help.
In the midst of our pain, we keep a stiff upper lip, smile and say things are fine, when we are actually dying on the inside from a wounded hearTake heart, as He not only understands, but wants to be your closest friend during this time, as you share your pain, your anger, your disappointment, and your questions.  He can relate, so you have a friend who will accept all of your emotions.
In the midst of the pain, our world and our beliefs are shaken.  It is during these times, that many jettison their faith, saying that they no longer need God since He did not come through to help in their crisis.  But, it is during such a time that the Lord begins to draw them back, by awakening their hearts to the need to return.  But, where do you start when you try to figure out what He truly is like?  Would you even recognize Him?
When it becomes dark, and you can't find your way, trust His heart, as He tends his lambs with kindness and understanding.
Wen the pain becomes overwhelming, and it would be easier to just give up, please know the greatest act of faith is just taking one step... just believing that He can lead you to a different place, if you are willing to just take one deep breath, and have your have risk beating again. 
In the midst of the journey, we can get so discouraged, start doubting, and end up concluding that maybe part of this darkness is the result of God being upset with me in some way.  But, it is comforting to know that long before I looked for Him, He came looking for me.  He is not surprised by anything about me, for He knows us better than we know ourselves.
Under all of the pain, lies the most profound of all questions, "Where was God?" and, "Does He care what I experience?" especially as it relates to the loss resulting from injustice.  Though there may not be specific answers right now, as I allow myself to recognize that He too experienced the most profound of loss, pain, and injustice, and He faced it for me, it is then that I can begin to risk believing that He is still there, even when it doesn't make sense.  If He cared enough to give all He could give, then I have enough of a reason to keep going.
In the midst of the pain, it is easy to lose sight of two things: God's sovereignty and His care. If I can hold on to those two seemingly contradictory truths, then I will be giving Him the time He needs to show Himself to me in a new way, even in the darkness.  And, I will come to understand in a new way what it means that He was despised, rejected, and left alone; and that maybe there is some purpose (that I can't see at this point) for the pain after all. Isa. 53:3
Relinquishing to His will, is not a mindless act, which results from our suppressing our pain and emotions.  Much to the contrary, it is a willingness to yield my life and my heart to His plan, to His will, trusting that He is something other than what my emotions are telling me at this moment.
When it is darkest, as an act of the will, we need to let the truth of the reality sink in that He is still God, and He is still on the throne as King, even when all within me screams out, "Where are You, Lord?!!"  I must remind myself, that, despite what it looks like, He will somehow show Himself to me through all of this.
In the midst of the journey, in the midst of the desert, it is easy to conclude that He has left you to wander aimlessly in a God-forsaken land, where this will be future.  But, it is during those time, when we can't figure out what He is doing, we must risk believing that He cares deeply for us.  For, would a God who was willing to give His all to us simply now forsake us?
It is a prayer that He longs to answer, for us to ask Him to lead and guide us through the darkness.  He understands, for He too walked a very dark road, felt the severest of pain, the most profound rejection, and felt that He had been forgotten by God.
In the midst of the darkness, it is important to allow the truth that He will lead me, and He will make a way where there seems to be no way.
When the road gets long on the journey, it is easy to become weary in well doing... in continuing on, despite the absolute exhaustion.  He knows that you are tired, and He, being a loving and supportive Coach, wants to give you His power to keep running the race well.
Continuing on, pressing into the pain to continue putting one more foot in front of the other, despite the pain that screams inside, you continue.  Will it be worth it? Stay the course, for your Coach and true Father is rooting you on, waiting to meet you at the finish line.
When the pain becomes intense, before there are answers, I can reach out and ask Him to take the broken parts and help.
Written by a father and husband who learned that he lost his wife and all of his daughters when their ship sank (as he had sent them ahead for a vacation after an intense time of helping disaster victims).  He describes both the waves of intense grief that threaten to pull the survivor under, but also the sense of assurance that comes from knowing that someday all this pain will be past, and that we will then understand.  So, until then, despite the pain, I can still find a foothold in the midst of the storm to help anchor me.
The greatest of sacrifices is the sacrifice of prayer... when nothing in your mind believes it, and all within you is dying. It is willing to trust... to act as if it is true, despite what you feel right now.
In the midst of the pain, it is imperative that I remember that He is the fortress that I can run to, and my tower of strength.  And, by shouting out to the Lord, He will meet me, and strengthen me for the journey ahead.
In the midst of the pain, as I wrestle with the Lord and feeling He has left me to wander in a desert by myself, it is a comforting thing to know that He always is ready to walk along side me as I negotiate the pain.
How do you risk believing that it is worth continuing?  It is a risk.  But, it is a risk that can be just the thing to help you walk through a new door.
True healing and spiritual growth go hand-in-hand.  It happens as we continue to remain honest about our pain, yet yielding to Him, inviting Him to do His work in our hearts.
Healing is never a straight path, but is a journey with many unanticipated detours and valleys.  It is in the midst of the journey, when the way gets long, and the scorching sun seems too much, that I can take shelter under His wings. Psalm 91:1
As circumstances and our own responses to pain can end up shaking our inner world and our faith, it is good to know that He chose us, not the other way around.  Though, from our perspective it feels like we accepted Him, truth be told, He actually started the process of changing us by His power, and He will see that process through.  So, there is no condemnation, and no fear.  Trust Him that He has you safely in His hand.  And, He will bring you through the journey in one piece.
For many survivors, who have kept it together for everyone depending upon them, the process can become so tiring, the journey so long, and the battle so intense. You hide the pain, the fatigue, and the fears well, but deep inside you look for some place to finally let down.  Everyone thinks you are strong, and you are.  But, little do they know how difficult it is to stay strong.
In the midst of the journey through the Dark Night of the Soul, it gets exhausting.  The good news is He understands, and wants you to share it with Him.  He is committed to our growth, so trust Him, as you continue to remain on The Path (Proverbs 3:5-6).
Though not exactually a music video, this is a message fitting at this point, as you no doubt can use a word picture of what the Lord is like, despite what you may have experienced thus far from your earthly father. He is watching intensely, pulling for you. And, when He sees you falter, there is no condemnation. He simply rushes to our side, to help us do what we can't do any longer in our own strength. He is the One who comes to our aid... like a true father would.
When you feel as though you can't keep going, He will grant you His strength for the journey.  Wait and trust.
With my life in His hands... He can help clarify so much.
In the midst of the pain, the greatest act of worship and sacrifice is the prayer, "Lord, I give you my life." (Psa 25:1)  It is that internal posture of submission to His sovereignty that allows Him to do His greatest and deepest work in us.
The deep work that the Lord does within us during and through the Dark Night of the Soul is an ability to place Him in a position of preeminence in my life... a position where I say to Him that, despite the ongoing pain and darkness, that I will continue trusting and obeying, regardless of how long and how it may take its toll, for my life is not my own, and this life is not about me.
When all has been stripped away, and I can't see any hope any more, He will honor the prayer from a humble heart, asking Him to be my vision.
So many times, Scripture tells us to call upon the name of the Lord for strength.   It is an amazing gift to think that He has described Himself in so many ways, so that we are able to have access to the strength that we need when we simply whisper His name.
The one place I can find strength for the journey is on my knees.  It is there that He will meet me there, to give me strength and hope.
It can be surprising when the God of Heaven suddenly breaks into someone's life, calls them for His purposes, and changes everything. Though that usually brings with it some unique challenges and times of refinement and character growth, that is how He works. He chooses who He elects to use, not because they are worthy, or because they were necessarily looking to be used. Such Old Testament figures as Joseph, Moses, and Esther certainly didn't anticipate being chosen. So, trust this is no accident that you are also being so chosen as you listen to the following powerful song by Wayne Watson.
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