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Ways We Can Help

Looking for sound advice from an experienced licensed professional, without taking the step to enter into professional therapy? Then "Personal Consulting" is a wonderful option for you to get help with a perplexing problem or advice regarding a troublesome relationship.

To find out how easy it is to get short-term expert help via your own computer, tablet, or phone, simply click the link below.

Personal Help

For churches or other organizations finding themselves in need of expert advice and insight on matters related to how to deal with a known or suspected abuser, and how best to help those victims or survivors who have or inevitably will be impacted by the revelation about the perpetrator, a video conference call offers a convenient way of accessing help.


Jon K. Uhler, MS, LPC is available to help advise you on the best approach and course of action with respect to working with both the perpetrator and survivors. 

If you have tried to find help, yet find yourself stuck, Jon is ready to help you move forward.

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Professional Consulting
Executive Training
Healing Through Grief ©
An intensive & interactive seminar, designed to help provide clarity & understanding on the multiple facets of different kinds of loss.

Though most people think of death when they hear "grief & loss," few understand that dealing with the anticipated death of a loved one represents only about 10% of the issues needing to be addressed for genuine healing to for occur. For loss to be properly resolved, the survivor must understand the vast array of losses, the impact of each, how to progress through the process of grief, and how to avoid getting stuck with only partial healing having occurred... which all too commonly creates other secondary issues and problems.


If you want to fully understand all the facets of the grief process, then this unique presentation holds the key.  Follow the arrow to find out more...   

The most comprehensive training of it's kind, this program (utilizing multi-media within the presentation) delivers little-known insights into the mind, methods, and motivation of the Child Super Predator... the sexual predator most likely to specifically target churches.

With unique content derived from over a decade of qualitative forensic clinical research treating approximately 4000 incarcerated sex offenders of all kinds, the information contained in this training will equip you, your church, or other organizations, to effectively & proactively deal with known or suspected sexual predators, and to better help and support survivors of sexual abuse.

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Education & Training
Specialized training, designed to help churches, & other organizations, 
understand how best to understand the nature of sophisticated sexual predators, and how best to protect themselves.
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