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When most people think of the term "Grief & Loss," they understandably think of the issues surrounding death and dying. But, would you be surprised to learn that death and dying only comprise a portion of the entire spectrum of loss?


The reality is that far more people are wrestling with issues which are symptomatic of unresolved grief and loss than most of us would guess. And, even fewer would be aware of the link between stress, burnout, procrastination, compulsions, anxiety, depression, and loss. As such, far too many people "suffer in silence" because they have not recognized that they are in fact living with the effects of unresolved or loss.

This one-of-a-kind interactive and engaging day-and-a-half long seminar (which utilizes both powerpoint and multi-media to deliver the unique content) is designed to assist those in attendance with understanding the unique features of their particular types of losses, by helping them to gain insight into the multifaceted aspects of grief and loss so often not understood... which must be understood and processed if wholeness is ever to be experienced.
The following will give you a sense of the thought provoking content presented, and are but a sample of the topics and issues addressed in this one-of-a-kind seminar:

Samples of Topics Explored During the Seminar

Just a few of the topics covered
The impact of unresolved grief
The weight of accumulated stress
Issues of loss are multi-facetted
Identifying the categories of loss
Prolonged grief

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