Personal Confidential Advice
at Your Fingertips
This advice is conducted personally by Survivor Support's CEO, Jon K. Uhler, MS., LPC, via Skype video call. 
Skype Video Call
Survivor Support offers the ability to conduct a Skype session for an hourly rate, with the ability to book a 2 hour extended session.
Skype is easy to use, and the set-up is free. Once you have installed Skype on your device or computer, then simply click the link below to select the length of time for the video session, complete the payment process, and send an email to Jon with a few days/times that would work best for your session.  
Once you complete the payment process, Jon will be notified, and he will respond via email to establish a mutually agreeable time for your session.

Personal consultation* by phone or a Skype call can be a convenient alternative to clinical therapy. Ideal both for survivors and others needing personal advice, insight, or support from a trained and experienced Christian therapist, who can serve as a confidential** source of reliable counsel. This is uniquely suited for those who are looking for a confidential means of obtaining sound and insightful  help from a uniquely gifted and experienced Christian clinician, but are not looking to enter into actual professional clinical psychotherapy. 

*Please note that the personal consultation offered through Survivor Support is neither intended to serve as a substitute for professional clinical therapy, nor should it in any way be misconstrued as establishing a clinical therapeutic relationship with a licensed mental health professional.


** Normal and customary limits of confidentiality would apply, with the exceptions of potential or actual harm to self or others. There is no therapist/client confidence implied with respect to legal matters. And, legally mandated reporting rules and guidelines still apply with respect to the disclosure of suspected or actual abuse or endangerment of children or elders.