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Survivor Characteristics


Predator Characteristics

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Survivors Need Our Protection 


Survivors Need Our Support


Survivors Need Our Discernment

Survivors are easily manipulated, they are prone to doubting themselves, and, are easily silenced by crafty Predators, they need for good people who've come to understand the Predator, to stand up on their behalf, stand with them in solidarity, stand along side them in parrying the blows the Predators will attempt to land, stand in front of them to take the arrows, and stand around them as a protective wall against the evil schemes and intentions of Predators. 
Simply put, they need for us to be discerning enough, to be able to spot a genuine Survivor from a deceiver, a fraud from a the real deal, and a genuine hurting person in need of our care, understanding, compassion, and support vs wolf in sheeps' clothing .
Thus, it is imperative for good people to understand the the differences between the real Survivors vs the Sophisticated Predators, be able to distinguish the genuine from the fraudulent, to recognize the distinctive markings of genuine Survivors from dangerous wiley Sophisticated Sexual Predators
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Predators will Mimic & Masquerade

As the battle for the safety of genuine Survivors has intensified, so have the tactics and degree of brazen temerity of the Sophisticated.Predators in terms of tactics and propaganda. As they are not constrained by conscience, and they know that normal people are, they know how powerful it can be to either craft huge lies or to shamelessly portray themselves Survivor in an effort to silence people and suppress their opposition. 
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The Following was a spontaneous couple of posts by an unnamed person who took issue with the findings that there is no such thing as a "non-offending" pedophile or non-offending Minor Attracted" man. Notice the assertions made, then look at what was revealed on the unnamed person's Twitter page 
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Distinctive Marks of Survivors


Distinctive Marks of Predators

Those sexual deviants who are most inclined to pretend to be Survivors, masquerade themselves as victims, are in reality very Sophisticated Sexual Predators who attempt to pass themselves off as Survivors, as having the characteristics of Survivors, of wrestling with the same issues as Survivors. They are the most disingenuous, deceptive, and dangerous of all, as they have mastered the art of playing upon the ignorance and misplaced sympathies of good people.
They have effectively crafted a narrative which sounds so plausible to those who do not know, sounds so legitimate to those who want to be reasonable, sound credible to those inclined to believe without discernment. Yet, their narrative (that they are not sexual predators but simply wounded and sensitive survivors who have been wounded and are in need of support, understanding, protection, recognition, and being given special consideration and status as a result), is actually a very sophisticated Trojan Horse scheme, intended to gain complete and unfettered access to vulnerable kids and adults who are the easiest of targets for grooming, manipulation, exploitation, and abuse.
Those within the most deviant porn-saturated degrees of dark activities, will spend a significant amount of time both advocating, normalizing, promoting & proselytizing for deviance, and watching for any genuine threats of exposure by those armed with knowledge, who are able to unmask their porn-saturated twisted minds, and diabolical intentions of recruiting vulnerable young people, nearly all of whom have been sexually groomed and violated as kids.
In the following, you will see an example of who they are in their own words, their own posts, their own profiles (nearly all are ver deviant porn-saturated men, now heavily involved in the most extreme deviance, and claiming to be female or "Trans"(some in the process of "transitioning" or willfully undergoing sex change procedures), how they will always hide their true identity (lest law enforcement be able to trace their internet activities), and how it is these type of darkened "Trans Activists" who will attack like a swarm of angry hornets, should their nest be disturbed.
They will claim to be loving, kind, in favor of promoting sensitivity, and claiming they need special protections. Yet, when someone dares counter their carefully crafted public narrative with truth, they attack with a vengeance.

Discerning the Difference 

So, with so much on the line in terms of protecting and supporting Survivors against the schemes and plans of Sophisticated Survivors, is their a reliable source way to turn to in order to help ferret out the true from the false, the genuine from the fraud.
If one looks at the most often sited sources, the most frequently referenced academic studies, the most widely recognized  and "authoritative" peer reviewed research, the matter becomes confusing, and those sources have drawn conclusions and come to consensus on many points which ultimately assert that Predators are actually wounded people who made bad choices, mistakes, were impulse driven, were reacting out of their own dynamics, or were influenced by nature or nurture to such an extent that we must endeavor to understand them, to support them, to help them, to work with them toward helping them "successfully reintegrate back into the community."
Sadly, not only do the numbers of "failed cases" continue to increase, so do the new victims each "failure" represents. Is this growing problem simply an indication that the Predators need additional support, or is it the opposite, that the premises and conclusions of the vast majority of research into Predators has been dangerously flawed, has been based upon myths and fallacies, has actually been influenced by the Predators themselves? 
It is our contention that the majority of research, especially that currently being conducted and produced, has been dangerously flawed and significantly influenced by the Sophisticated Predators, resulting in myths and fables being accepted as scientifically verified and validated truths and reality. Fortunately, genuinely insightful information has been made available, from 11+ yrs of intensive forensic clinical treatment with incarcerated sexual predators, assessing approximately 4000 offenders (about 1000 of whom had child victims), constituting a most unique type of embedded field study and
qualitative analysis with incarcerated sex offenders, both within general population and long-term solitary confinement. There was unlimited & unfettered access to inmates for interviews, 100% access to inmate criminal histories, police reports, clinical and medical files, previous psychological and/or psychiatric treatment histories, juvenile histories, psych-social histories, and psych tests; with the opportunity to spend days, week, and months (years in many cases), and the ability to compare and contrast what was learned with both institutional officers as well as family members. No other qualitative analysis or study to date can even come close such a claim.
So, with such "behind the scenes" access, has there been truths and insights revealed that heretofore were unknown about Predators, which could equip good people to better support and protect vulnerable survivor and potential victims from being targeted and harmed by the Sophisticate dSexual Predators? Fortunately, yes. And, much of that can be found in the following look at the characteristics of Survivors and Sophisticated Sexual Predators:


CONTENT, AS IT SHOWS THE current TWITTER PAGES & content of SOME "Trans" Activists

A Couple of Sample Profile of "The Man Behind the Curtain." This is the type of man (who inevitably hides behind a female name or catch phrase) who will be the ones to react most strongly against the disclosure that they are Sophisticated Predators... that they are porn-saturated darkened deviants, looking to promote perversion & hunt new victims, especially under age victims who have abused in their past, and therefore susceptible to easily being groomed, exploited, manipulated, and used.
And, these will be the ones to cry, "Homophobe", will assert that anyone who calls them out for their deviance in "hateful, mean-spirited," "a narrow minded biggot", and "promoting hate speech" and "hate crimes." Yet, during their attacks on those unmasking their dark deviance, they will quickly "block" you from their social media page should you actually show a picture of what's on their page. 
The following Twiter Profiles will give you a sample of what their own profile looks like, and a single post (among countless) they have posted on their page. These samples reflect the profiles of Trans Activists, who energetically will assert they are neither porn-saturated, deviants, nor are they Predatorily... 
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