The Predator Apologist
So, what exactly do we mean by a Predator Apologist? It does not mean someone who goes around apologizing for the Predator, as we commonly use the term "apology." The word's Greek root means "to give a defense for; to offer an reasonable defense of." That is the Predator Apologist. It is the person in the Predator's corner, the person who becomes the defender, the supporter, the one who will protect the supposed reputation and integrity of the Predator against accusations (which will be labeled as attacks). This is the person who is either (1) well-meaning (but, totally fooled to such a point that they will never be willing to consider any evidence to the contrary of what they want to believe about the predator (this is considered the "useful &  blinded idiot"), or (2) just as deceptive as the Predator, only more so, as they will inevitably be found to be in league with the Predator, deeply involved in some undercover way with the Predator, and may actually be running the show behind the scenes.
As such, the Predator Apologist will be the run to "run interference" for the Predator should people begin to ask question or victims come forward to disclose. They have an extensive playbook they use, with very predictable tactics, very predictable stages they progress through should the truth continue to be increasingly revealed. The advantage of the Predator having such a co-conspirator in his corner is that the Predator is able to regroup, buy himself some time to strategize, and to continue to spin his web of deception, all the while continuing to hunt.
It is imperative that this sophisticated defender be understood as the most sophisticated of Predators inevitably work in concert with other Predators, in an organized and methodical fashion. When acting together, both are "partners-in-crime" and are typically just as equally psychopathic, and therefore equally cunning, ruthless, and agenda-driven. But, a case can be made that the Apologist is actually even more of an adept Predator than is the Predator himself.To use a football analogy, the Predator is the Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator, while the Predator Apologist would play the strategic roll of Defensive Coordinator. 

Are Agenda-driven

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Debate Techniques 

Frauds in sheep's clothing

Emotionally Reactive

Excuse Making

Predictably, the first line of defense by the Predator Apologist will take the form of trying to adopt some form of "I know what it looks like, but it really isn't that." This is a classic tactic to cause Survivors and others to deny what is clear to anyone and what their intuition is clearly communicating. They will take the facts clearly evident, and try to assert that it really is not what it seems, and it especially couldn't be the result of an intentional choice by the Predator.

Often times, the unwitting Apologist (the one who really wants to believe the best in the Predator), will actually make excuses for the Predator, and will also be willing to make the case that it is those who would conclude that the Predator is in fact a Predator that are actually misreading the situation, and placing blame on the Predator when he doesn't deserve any. He will even go so far as to assert that the Predator's actions were motivated by a desire to act ethically and nobly.

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Selective Moral Outrage

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The "useful idiot"

The Sophisticated Predator will inevitably involve others in their scheme, which affords them additional cover in the event that they begin to get exposed. Those who are unaware of the Predator's true intentions are identified by the Predator, manipulated (groomed), and then used without even realizing that they are actually doing the Predator's bidding. They are termed "idiots" as the original sense of the word meant "to know nothing" or to be naive. They are the ones most easily manipulated by the Predator, and will then serve to defend the Predator against accusations once the tangled web starts to unwind. 

With respect to the degree of culpability of the "useful Idiot" Predator Apologist and the one who morphs into the Predator Defender, the distinction lies in how does each respond as truth is revealed about the truth of the Predator. A well-meaning Apologist will eventually be willing to acknowledge that they were blind to what was going on, and they are both ashamed, humiliated, and aghast at how they were used by the Predator against the victim's.

However, the Apologist who digs in his/her heals reveals they were not so naive to the Predator. They reveal they are not interested in much with truth as they are convenience, pragmatism, and how they are benefitting from their association with the Predator. It is this Apologist who is not only "useful" to the Predator, but one who also aligns with the Predator to the point of Defending the Predator against those who would lay a claim of inpropriety against him. These are the one's who have thrown in their lot with the Predator, are not interested in looking into any accusation, and essentially say, "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up."

The Dooped Defender

The Co-conspirator

The Co-conspirator Apologist is the other category of defenders. However, the category is neither naive nor willfully blind. This is the person who is actually acting in concert with the Predator, in order to reap the benefits of the Predator's skills and manipulation. This usually takes the form of benefitting in terms of material rewards and perks, career advancement, or social positional & influence. 

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Are Masters of Distraction

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Manipulate the Legal System

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Manipulate the Political System

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Stringing victims along by pacifying them and demonstrating feigned concern in order to silence them

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   Plausible Deniability

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