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Launching Survivor Support, Inc.

With the launch of Survivor Support, we are excited to expand the scope, reach and effectiveness of the original mission of Church Protect, Inc. Originally developed to help educate churches to the dangers of sexual predators, and to help educate them about the needs of survivors of sexual abuse, that ministry has now become but a part of a larger work, one that has, as its primary mission, help to support victims of sexual abuse, and to help educate others on how best to support and protect them as they make their way from trauma to wholeness.

As we originally spoke in churches and in a wide variey of settings, it became increasingly apparent to us that we needed to expand the scope of our trainings to include a greater emphasis on training others on how best to support the survivors in their midst. Thus was born the the vision for an expanded ministry, with a greater emphasis on helping survivors. Not that our original committment to educate churches on how best to protect their children and survivors from sexual predators has chnaged, for it is still alive and well... infact, it is still growing. However, with the launch of Survivor Support, we are positioned to be able to significantly increase our help to survivors, while still providing the best materials available to churches and other organizations on the mind, methods, and motives of the Sexual Super Predator.

Please spend some time parousing our website, as you will find a lot of information posted designed to help support survivors in the healing. And, as we will continue to add new material and helpful information on a regular basis, visit our site often.

Before I close, I felt it fitting to recognize my former ministry partner's contribution to the founding and development of Church Protect. As Pastor Jimmy Hinton and I were originally introduced in 2015, our shared vision of protecting churches from sexual predators became clear, and our desire to combine our efforts resulted in the birth of that foundational work. With his involvement as CEO, Church Protect quickly became recognized as a leader in the field of educating churches and other organizations on the dynamics and underlying psychopathy of sexual predators. Our prayers go with him as he endeavors to shine much needed light into the darkness.

We trust you will find this site both unique and useful. Should you desire to contact us for help, to submit a question, or to arrange for either a training or consultation, simply go to the contact page, and click on the applicable button.

Our prayer is that Survivor Suooprt will become a useful tool for those desiring to learn how to better support survivors on their journey to wholeness, and a source of support for survivors looking for help and resources to help them successfully make the journey into the healing and wholeness the Lord desires for them,

Blessings to you,

Jon K. Uhler, MS, LPC, CEO & President

Survivor Support

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