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In this day and age of child predators, and with so many victims of sexual abuse suffering in silnce within churches (conservatively speaking, at least 25% of people sitting in church during any gathering have experienced being sexually violated prior to the age of 18 (1), yet the vast majority of those survivors have NEVER disclosed to anyone), churches need to become educated on how best to protect and help. Church Protect is the most indepth training program of its kind in existance to day.

Integrating unique findings derived from over a decade's worth of clinically-based longitudinale research while working with well over 4000 incarcerated sex offenders in state prison (many of whom are pedophiles, designated as Sexually Violent Predators), this unique and insightful training provides the most comprehensive understanding of the mind, methods, and motives of the most dangerous of serial pedophiles... the predators that specifically select churches and other such organizations as their targets of opportunity... and helps those in attendance to meaningfully understand how best to help and support the survivors of sexual abuse in their midst. 

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What is the Church Protect training program? 

      *Does it help?

           *Is it effective?

               *What makes it more effective than ANY                       other training available?

         Take a look for yourself... 



Why should a church consider professional training?


Because there is simply too much at stake in terms  of  the  safety  of children  and  young  people. And, it is simply too risky to leave your training up to those who have not worked professionally "behind bars" with sex offenders.


You need an expert who has spent years studying the minds and hearts of the sex offender, to ensure you understand how to properly assess who is vs. who is not safe to have within the walls of your church.

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Not all Trainings are alike

Your ability to properly protect children and support survivors is dependent upon your level of training.
There is simply too much at stake to settle for "average" training, for that is exactly what the predator is counting on. 
Far too many churches have relied upon"basic" trainings which simply focus on:
(1) background checks,
(2) training on screening and identifying potential predators with "red flag" behaviors, 
(3) policies and procedures, and
(4) monitoring and oversight of compliance to ensure the safety of their church or organization...
only to discover all too late that a predator was still able to perpetrate with ease, leaving a trail of personal injury, shattered lives, and destruction it his path. 
Is there a better level of training? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding "YES"! That training is at a level we refer to as the Gold Standard Level.
The following are the Levels of Training currently available on the market today. Church Protect has raised the bar for all other trainings, and is at the Gold Standard Level
Simply designed to meet the minimum legal requirements
Anticipated Cost for Training:
  • Finger prints

  • Background clearance

  • Policies & Procedures

One-day training,
Usually 6-8 hrs
Anticipated Cost for Training:
(May include additional costs for travel & related expenses)
  • Finger prints

  • Background clearance

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Basic screening process

  • Training on Identifying "red flags." 

Usually a one-day (Sat.) training,
Usually 6-10 hrs
Anticipated Cost for Training: