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© is dedicated to helping support Survivors, as they continue on their journey healing.Founded by Jon K. Uhler, LPC, our mission has remained unchanged over the years... To Support Survivors, and to help educaate those seeking to better understand how best to support them.
"Metaphorically speaking, I feel like I was walking around blindly in the fog and now the fog is lifting.
Now that the fog is lifting I can see a path with HUGE mountains to climb. It feels overwhelming and I'm not exactly sure how I will get over the mountains, but I am grateful I can at least see them. Thank you."

                                                        Signed, Anonymous
Weekly Live Broadcast
Friday, 8-9pm, EST
What are people saying about Journey to Healing?
What are people saying about Jon K. Uhler's work on behalf of Survivors?
For Professional Help
with Jon K. Uhler, LPC, serving in the capacity of a Personal Consultant
For Organizational
Consulting & Training

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Schedule here:

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