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When a Wife is Betrayed by the Man She Thought She knew  Pt. 1
Tracy Shannon married her high school sweetheart. She married the man of her dreams... or, so she thought. What she thought was a marriage made in heaven became something very different, as her husband eventually revealed he wanted to be a woman. Her life turned upside down. How would she cope, and how would she reveal this nightmare to her kids?
When a Wife is Betrayed by the Man She Thought She knew  Pt. 2
In Part 2 of this compelling interview, Tracy Shannon reveals what it was like being married to a man who revealed a dark side he failed to disclose prior to their wedding... a deviant porn-fueled side, which he had purposely kept hidden from her, in order to get her to marry him so that he could hypocritically maintain a public image of a Christian man... for purposes of advancing his career... all the while he was getting further into his cross dressing deviance. As she began to establish boundaries with regard to his deviant behavior (you will hear various ways he tries to initiate her into very deviant sexual activity), Tracy watched the man she thought she knew morph in front of her, revealing a very dark and sophisticated manipulator... a man who would wreck her life for daring to interfere with his double-life. He not only employed gas lighting to break her, but worse. Such men are not sexually confused. No, they simply are porn-saturated deviant deceivers, who turn their wives’ dreams and their families inside out.
The Push to Legalize Prostitution  Pt. 1
'What's Behind the Push?'
We're told that legalizing prostitution will:
(1) make women safer,
(2) will lead to the empowerment of women in "sex work",
3) will decrease the criminal element as it will be governed by the laws of "supply & demand, &
(4) will decrease the numbers of minors being trafficked.
But, what's the reality? And, who's really behind the push toward the legalization of prostitution? This multiple-part series will look into each of these claims, to discern the truth from the sales pitch.
The Push to Legalize Prostitution  Pt. 2
'What Happens When Prostitution is Legalized?'
Behind the talking points used to show the benefits of a free market approach to dealing with prostitution (where the assumption is that the demand and illegal aspects of prostitution will decrease as supply increases), the data are showing something else… revealing a very inconvenient truth.
A Reporter's Thoughts on the Trans Movement
Is the Trans Movement a legitimate movement intended to help vulnerable gender confused youth, or is it actually an agenda-driven Movement, being used by Predators to create gender-confused kids?
Brandon Showalter of The Christian Post gives his perspective.
The Dangers of College Sex Week
In this revised Predator Watch Podcast, author & speaker, Dr. Juli Slattery of Authentic Intimacy, shares her thoughts on the dangers of College Sex Week.
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