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The Trans Movement has been described as simply another fad that will fade away in time. But, unlike a fad, this is much more than consumer-driven youth inclination. This is a well-calculated, brilliantly-strategized campaign which has been concocted, manufactured, coordinated, and pushed by some extremely powerful special interests, which have crafted a narrative based upon a grand man-made psychological ruse, which employs the most sophisticated of brain-washing methods and techniques for recruitment and retention used by the most adept cults, such as the sex-cult NXIVM, and Scientology.
Which special interests have come together to use the deception of gender fluidity, which then was granted legitimacy with the 2013 publication of the American Psychiatric Association's DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), and the unmerited focus on the previously little-known diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria, which was the next evolutionary stage of the DSM-IV's introduction of the little known idea of Gender Identity for kids in the year 1994, then the DSM-IV-TR inclusion of teen Gender Identity in 2000.  Prior to the DSM-IV, any such clinical focus on gender confusion simply was unheard of, because it essentially was a non-existent condition.
So, what has been the result of this man-made issue, which rests upon the premise that gender is "fluid," and that someone may not necessarily be their assigned sex at birth? Avery coordinated movement, designed to enable each special interest to gain access to their respective pieces of the pie, and gain access to this new market. Which special interests are involved? They essentially fall into the following categories: (1) Social engineers (interested in moving a society toward a desired socio-political outcome), (2) Big Pharma, (3) Greedy doctors and surgeons, (4) the porn industry, and (5) sexual predators. 
What methods have they used? They've combined media, social media, professional marketing, deceptive research, public policy, political pressure, and legislative efforts, all toward the end of shifting social attitudes and creating a cult-like following in vulnerable young people (the majority of whom are: (1) emotionally vulnerable, troubled, and confused victims of previous sexual abuse, (2) fall on the autism spectrum, (3) have been influenced by the media and peer culture, and (4) those currently being groomed by a predator.
In the following, you will see examples of this nefarious grand scheme (which simply never existed prior to the year 2005), and hopefully begin to understand why the predatory cult leaders and Activists pushing this on young people must be unmasked and this grand deception stopped.
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